Meet The Team

2017 – 2018 COMMITTEE

President Mr. Damien Byrne
Deputy President Mr. Greg Magrane
Hon. Secretary Mr. Anthony Smith
Hon. Treasurer Mr. John Cotter
Webmaster/Pro Mr. Patryk Szafranski
Membership Officer Mr. Keith Florea

Committee Members:
Cormac Champion
Noel Hughes
Brian McElroy
Fergus Flanagan
Clare Catterson (Principal)
Sean Barnes
Peter Fitzpatrick
Philip Jordan
Alex Badoi

Hon. Vice Presidents:
Mr. Michael Minnock

Past Presidents

1956-57 Mr. H. O’Neill
1958-59 Mr. L. O’Donohoe
1960-61 Mr. R.C. O’Neill
1962-63 Mr. W.G. Lesware
1964-65 Mr. E. Manning
1966-67 Dr.AT. McDonagh
1968-69 Mr. S. Breen
1970-71 Mr. P. O’Reilly
1972-73 Mr. M. Connor
1974-75 Mr. S. Mahon
1976-77 Mr. P. Gilmartin
1978-79 Mr. D. Colfer
1980-81 Mr. B. Purcell
1982-83 Mr. N. MacAree
1984-85 Mr. G. Nolan

1986-87 Mr. A. Bolger
1988-89 Mr. F. Woods
1990-91 Mr. E. Mortimer
1992-93 Mr. D. Skehan
1994-95 Mr. S. O’Conail
1996-97 Mr. D. Bollard
1998-99 Mr. D. Dunne
2000-01 Mr. E. Mortimer
2002-03 Mr. A. Bolger
2003-04 Mr. P. Taaffe
2005-06 Mr. P. Jordan
2007-08 Mr. C. Champion
2009-10 Mr. B. McElroy
2011-12 Mr. N. Hughes
2013-14 Mr. C. Champion
2015-16 Mr. F. Flanagan

Welcome to Synge Street PPU

For all Past Pupils of Synge Street C.B.S. (Synger) in Dublin, Ireland, especially those who have settled abroad, here is a common meeting place where you can contact old friends, get details of our re-unions and annual dinner, play golf with our golf society, and help us in our support for the school. Please complete the information below to continue.
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