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  • March 11, 2021
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To the members of the PPU and the Golf Society, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. For so many of us, the past year has been difficult, we said goodbye to friends and family.  Yet throughout these dark days, the generosity shown by our past pupils has brought hope.

Once again, this year we found ourselves back learning online. As a parent I know the difficulty that this has caused in many households, yet I am one of the lucky families who was able to provide my son with the technology that he required. Online learning highlights for us the digital divide in society. Many of our students complete their work on mobile phones. They do have access to a laptop or computer at home. If they have access to one, often they must share it with a family member.

Through the financial donations of the PPU, the Golf Society and the donations of laptops from two of our past pupils, Philip Maguire and Brian McElroy we were able to help many of our families this time round and they did not loose out on learning. Having access to a laptop has enabled us to keep our students engaged, it has enabled them to take part in live classes. They do not have to struggle to read a document on a cracked phone screen for five hours of the day. Unfortunately for some of our students this is still their current situation.

We deliver 60 food packages a week to families. The donations that you continue to give, make a difference in the lives of so many families.

So, I would ask that if you are a businessperson or in the position to help us purchase laptops or if you would like to donate to the school please contact me at

We are forever grateful to every member of the PPU for supporting this wonderful school.

Thank you,

Clare Catterson