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Synge Street Past Pupils Golf Society was founded in 1948 and the Captain’s Prize played for since 1954. The aim is to enjoy our golf while raising funds for the school. Entry to the society is free and open to all past pupils.

We hold two outings annually in May and September, in Castle GC and Grange GC.

We welcome sponsorship of the prizes which helps us to maximise our contribution to the school.

Welcome message

Captain 2024

Calling all Synge Street golfers!

I’m honoured to be captain of the PPU Golf Society for 2024.
As already advised, my Captain’s Prize will be played for in Castle GC on Thursday, May 23rd and the PPU President’s (Brian McElroy) Prize will be in Grange GC on Thursday, September 5th.

Over the years, the Golf Society - through the excellent support of its members - has been able to provide much needed funding for school projects, which greatly benefit the students. For this to continue, we need to grow our membership (or at a minimum, maintain the current level) so that the Society may remain vibrant. A number of previous participants have fallen by the wayside and we’d love to welcome them back to our ranks. Equally, new members would be especially welcome……the Society really needs some new blood. It would be great if our current participants could  spread the word and help with recruiting.
Apart from the golf, the outings are great social occasions and provide an opportunity to link up with some old friends.

I look forward to welcoming you to Castle on May 23rd!
Best regards
John White

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