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Message from School Principal, Clare Catterson

On behalf of everyone in Synge St CBS, I would like to say a sincere thank you to the PPU Golf Society for their continued support.  We often reminisce about our own school days, the memories that stand out for us are not from within the classroom but from the games we played, the trips we went on or the extracurricular activities that we took part in. The support from the Golf Society means that all students can access these opportunities. The funding from the PPU has enabled us to fund students from economically challenged backgrounds to go on school trips to Krakow and Paris. It has allowed us to purchase new kits for the basketball team and the football team so they can represent the school with pride. The impact of your continued support is also clear through our success year on year in the BT Young Scientist. Your funding is used to buy scientific equipment for Science Club that takes place every Wednesday. We can fund projects such as displays in the school.

It is all these extras that the Department of Education do not fund but mean the world to our students. It is through these activities that the students engage with school, make life long friends and learn skills that they will use everyday in their adult lives. In the working world today ICT skills are essential. Our families are not able to purchase iPads and eBooks for their sons so we as a school need to do that. We need enough ICT equipment to allow our students to use devices every day in class. While the Department give us some funding in this area it is not enough. Your support once again allows us to do that little bit extra.

You may feel that you are just playing a very enjoyable round of golf but you are making a difference in the lives of every student in the school. You are creating lifelong memories for them. I am so grateful to you all.

Kind regards, Clare Catterson Principal.

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