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  • September 1, 2018
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On Monday March 12th we had another trip down memory lane when pupils from Leaving Cert 1967 gathered for roll call and a visit to their old school. Even before the tour began the reminiscences and stories were flowing as the group gathered. Over the past fifty years there have been great changes in education and demographics.  With the arrival of the “new” school many of us oldies wondered what had become of the school building dating from 1864. Well there was no need for concern as every square inch of floor space is in continuous use with the Lantern Intercultural Centre and the D8 Community Education Centre both of which operate under the patronage of the Christian Brothers providing invaluable services as described by Deaglan de Breadun after an earlier visit.

One of the highlights, and there were many, of the visit was the inspection of the roll book for 1967 which had an entry for every pupil showing their final examination results, surely priceless historical records of the bygone decades.

Our thanks to Bro Dermot Ambrose for his hospitality and to Rachel Morrissey of D8, Aine de Baroid of the Lantern and Clare Catterson School Principal for their warm welcome. We wish them well with their continuing endeavours in providing such important services.

1967 – Gilbert Little, Tommy Walsh, Michael Croke, Kieran Murphy, Mick Fitzpatrick, Gerry Lawler, Deaglan de Breadun, Andrew O’Riordan, John Bollard, Val McCarthy, Shay Forde and Paul O’Reilly